Religious Education (K-5)

Director:  Carrie McCarthy

Kindergarten - Beatriz Escalera, Ana Figueroa, Jane Zelinski

1st Grade - Vicky Celebrezze, Kathy Kelso, Rafaela Figueroa


2nd Grade - Sue Steele, Mary Nordt, Jan Magnussen

3rd Grade - Teresa Hagan, Tere Gonzalez

4th Grade - Kurt Hadley, Roberto Torres

5th Grade- Robert Turner

Delayed Communion #1 - Sister Lucia Hinojosa, Lupita Sandoval

Delayed Communion#2- Maria Aguilar, Nora Sandoval

Retreats/Special Events - Jesslyn Winter & Jody Kuiken


St. Joseph Religious

Education K-5 Fundraiser



Jerold Panas, a philanthropy consultant said, “Fundraising is motivating and asking others to share with you in a great adventure, a vision, or a dream”.  You’re invited to share in our St. Joseph Parish Religious Education adventure and dream! 

Our program began with 70 children enrolled, and today we have over 250 children in 10 classes attending every Wednesday night.  At the end of the year, we will have logged over 13,250 hours together.  Each student receives 53 hours of valuable religious education.  We have over 100 children receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion.  We added four Baptism classes in January and February to accommodate those children needing Baptism.

And with any program comes expenses, and with increased size comes increased expenses.  To help us with our vision of reaching every child at St. Joseph, please take a moment to check out our fundraising wall in the Narthex.  Each beautiful envelope, complete with thank-you note, is decorated by our students.  They start at $1 and go all the way up to $200.  Please choose an envelope with the amount you would like to donate and slip your check or cash into the donation box.  If you need to take your envelope home, feel free to drop it in the collection box or by the church office.  Thank you for your support of our St. Joseph children. 

Here’s our upcoming calendar (*note date changes):


February  8, 15 —-Class at 6pm

February 22—-Class, FIRST RECONCILATION 

                                      Parent Meeting, 6pm

February, Saturday 25—FIRST RECONCIIATION

Our team is committed to the religious education of every child. We’re an AMAZING group of Hispanic and Anglo, women and men, who are working and retired professionals, parents, school parents, aunts and uncles, religious sisters and even a seminarian. If you would like to become a part of our team, simply contact Carrie McCarthy at