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Rachael's Vineyard is a post-abortion recovery program for all those affected by abortion. Here is Mother Teresa of Calcutta's endorsement of Rachael's Vineyard: "Jesus Himself said that He came to call sinners and not the self-righteous. I pray that all who participate in Rachael's Vineyard with the longing to be free and to be healed by Jesus, may find Him, the source of true joy, peace and love, and allow God to restore them to wholeness and happiness. I am praying much for you." If God is calling to hope and healing OR to minister to those in need of hope and healing here in our local community, please call Lisa Petersen (509)421-7847 or lisapetersen65 



Prepares is an Initiative and sponsored by the Catholic Church and open to to people of all ages and income levels. Prepares provides services to pregnant women and families with young children by walking the journey with them from them from conception to the child's fifth birthday. The Prepares statewide initiative creates the capacity within every Catholic parish, other faith communities, and collaborating agencies in Washington State to assist pregnant women, fathers, and their families by walking with them on the journey from conception to their child's fifth birthday. With Prepares Initiative, the Church is able to provide a highly visible, concrete and integrated demonstration of it's commitment to uphold the sanctity of human life it's most vulnerable early stages. It seeks not only to ensure healthy births and avoid the tragedy of abortion, but also to provide tangible material, psychosocial and emotional support to nurture healthy and flourishing parent-child relationships that uphold a Catholic vision of the family as the essential unit of society. Any questions, please call our parish office at 662-4569, or our area coordinator Syndee Sauceda Cavazos (509)946-4645.

Photo by mattjeacock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mattjeacock/iStock / Getty Images

A time for getting to know each other while honoring new and expectant mothers in our community.

Where: Holy Apostles Catholic Church Gymnasium

When: Sunday, November 6th @ 3:00pm

Who: All parish women and daughters are invited to attend. If you are in expectant parent or have a baby nine months or younger, Let us celebrate your new journey with you!

Please bring a new, unwrapped baby item to donate to the PREPARES MINISTRY (diapers, diaper wipes, clothing, bottles, etc.)

Daughters 8 years + will have the opportunity to participate in a fashion show of dressed personally y hand-designed during this event!

If you know a new or expectant parent? Call Mayra at Holy Apostles office, 884-5444.

Can you help with decorations or food? Call Adrianna t (509)387-1339.

Can you help with games and the fashion show? Call Anna at (509)663-7675.