Healing & Bereavement Ministry

Director: Father Teodulo Taneo

Coordinator/Facilitator: Robert Turner


                                                               Bereavement Team Training Class

 For those who have joined the Team, and for those who have unable to attend and are interested in this Ministry, our next Training is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 3:30pm                   in the Parish Lounge.

 This Ministry is open for all who would like to assist our families in their Journey of grief.  If you have questions, please call                 Carol Sunada at 665-9987.        


                          Mass Schedule for the following Assisted Living Facilities:

                                                                                                     1st Friday: Columbia Heights at 9:30AM                                                                                           1550 Cherry St. Wenatchee

                                                                                                            2nd Friday: Highgate at 9:30AM                                                                                                                1320 South Miller St. Wenatchee

                                                                                3rd Friday: Regency Wenatchee Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at 10:30AM                                                1326 Red Apple Rd. Wenatchee

                                                                                                 4th Tuesday: Colonial Vista Care Center at 10:00AM                                                                                               625 South Okanogan Rd, Wenatchee

                                                                                      4th Friday: Blossom Valley 10:00AM (Periodically at this time)                                                                      1701 Orchard Ave, Wenatchee