St. Joseph’s Confirmation Program

Embracing the Catholic Faith with our Head, Heart, and Hands

Please Keep Our Confirmation Candidate in Your Prayers!


St. Joseph’s confirmation is a two year program for sophomores and juniors taught in 24 sessions, 12 sessions a year.

We use a current and engaging program from Ascension Press called, “Chosen.”  You can learn more at:

Confirmation candidates can miss 2 sessions a year MAXIMUM; special exceptions and home work can be made for special circumstances.


Each candidate needs to be open and respectful to the confirmation process and catechists, along with being willing to participate. 

Each candidate needs to be willing to engage in the Sacraments by attending Mass regularly and going to Confession when possible. 

Each candidate needs to be actively engaged in the BLAZE YOUTH community.

Each candidate needs to attend a Confirmation Retreat.

Each candidate needs to attend the Parish Confirmation Mass both years, the first as a witness and the second year as a candidate.


Each candidate is asked to participate in our Parish Community and Ministries by:

Being a Greeter/Usher or Lector or Choir participant

Devoting 20hours of community service to our Parish Food Bank(10hours a year)

Serving at the Confirmation Reception during your first year of confirmation.


Student workbooks are $20 and there are also Parent and Sponsor guides available for an addition charge.  Please contact Ruth Lewis for more information at or 509-670-0919

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