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Sign Up for Small Communities of Faith - Arise

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Coming Fall 2019

 Sign-Ups Beginning Next Weekend

September 14/15  + September 21/22

      Arise is a total parish experience designed to spiritually renew us while providing opportunities for us to grow in faith and community. Joining a small group begins the process.

     The advantages of small groups are an increasing sense of belonging, praying together, sharing our faith journey, getting to know our parish family and sparking our inner connection with God.

 The small groups...

-small groups are made up of 6-10 people

- meet once a week for six weeks

- have a choice of meeting time during the week

- are centered around Scripture

- use structured materials

- are guided by trained leaders

- are held (usually) in informal settings such as a



Small group meetings will include...

-Opening prayer


-Scripture Reading

-Faith Sharing

-Sharing Questions

-Action Response

-Closing Prayer

Prayer Commitment Weekend

    September 28/29

 Launch of Small Groups

Sunday, October 6

 Join Us! Build Community! Live Your Faith!