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That Man Is You


“That Man is You” returns to Kuykendall Hall on Thursday morning, September 6th.  “TMIY” is a 4-year program developed to train men in the spiritual leadership of their families and society.   The theme this year is “The Vision of Man Fully Alive.“  In this session we will experience the power of transformation and growth in Christ inspired by 8 new speakers, new personalities, and new topics, while still building on the foundation of the three base years of TMIY formation.  Each of the speakers is expert in his field. For example, we will discover a deeper understanding of the 4 Gospels from one of the best theologians in the world, learn the harmony between faith and science from one of the foremost leaders in that field.  In addition, we’ll explore the path to authentic spiritual freedom, the beauty of the Eucharist, and the power of the Holy Spirit in action from a passionate and dynamic Franciscan Friar; we’ll come to intellectual clarity on the misconceptions that cause Catholics to abandon their faith and much, much more. While the program builds on itself from year to year, men can still join now and grow in their faith with other committed Catholic men.  It is free of charge and all men are welcome.

Registration will occur the last weekend in August and the first weekend of September after all the Masses.  There is more information on the parish webpage, or call the parish office or Ted O’Donnell at 509-421-6423.